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About Me: After many years in the rat race of the oil related industry, technical department, I developed my skills in IT and web design and started a new carrier in teaching / mentoring. It was during these years of teaching that I was introduced to the network marketing industry. I decided to take my leader- and mentoring skills to the next level. I started learning all there was about Network Marketing, but the teachings didn't agree with me. Personal development is one of my major interests.
Sep 17th
Most people do not realize the power of knowing themselves and developing a sense of awareness that is direc...
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Sep 10th
Sep 10th
Pay Per Click marketing is a miracle of the modern world. In fact I believe history will show it to be the most important development in advertisin...
Sep 10th
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Sep 10th
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Jun 8th
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Jan 15th
Two Very Successful "Old School" Networkers Dive Into Pay-Per-Click Marketing For The Very First Time... Most People Would Get Creame...
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Jan 15th

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