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About Me: I'm a giving type of guy. I will listen to just about any opportunity out there.I've been exposed to just about every comp plan,and every buisness opportunity out there. Now with my success and know how I'm looking to connect with other people who are seriously looking to get paid well for there time on line as they develop there buisness.
Jan 11th
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Passing the Test
Jan 8th
Jan 8th
Jan 8th
Jan 8th
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Warm Market
Dec 31st
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Warm Market
Dec 31st
Dec 30th
Dec 30th
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Are you"qualified"?
Dec 30th

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Happy Birthday Doniel! Hope you had a really fun day!
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Enjoy your special day!
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HAPPY Birthday!! ENJOY YOUR day!!
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hope you have a good day on your bday
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I did not take your article in a bad way at all. My artice just happened to be posted after your. Coincidence I guess. lol
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Congrats for being one of the 1st Top Ten members!
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Congratulations on being one of the first to get the Top Ten Contributer Award
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Hi Doniel, thanks for including me in your personal circle here on APSense. I look forward to talking with you soon...
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Hi Daniel thanks for the welcome and adding me to your friends, looking forward to getting to know you!

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Thank you for your recent post on pornography. We need to always be vigulent.
hoping to become your friend and exchanging ideas.

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