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About Me: I am 47, and I live in a lovely little village in Leicestershire, UK.
My main interests are reading and of course my computer which I tend to sit at all day long, (and most of the night as well quite often!).
During my time online I have made quite a few online friends and have often helped them by making graphics and web pages for them, (something I really enjoy doing) I just finished building my own site to do this more commercially. I launched it last week, and am really pleased with it.
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peaceful  May 28th   Report Spam
Happy Birthday, Wendy! :)
Cerberus  May 28th   Report Spam
Happy Birthday, Wendy!
Wendy  May 29th   Report Spam
thanks everyone for birthday wishes, and I had a lovely day!
rollins  May 28th   Report Spam
Enjoy Your Birthday!
Lisa G.  May 28th   Report Spam
Hi Wendy!
Happy Birthday to you!!!! Enjoy your day!!! :)
Best wishes, Lisa g.
pplcheryl63  May 28th   Report Spam
Happy Birthday dear Wendy, Happy Birthday to you!
BigRocky99  May 28th   Report Spam
Hi Wendy and HAPPY Birthday!! PLEASE take time and ENJOY YOUR day!!
sharonlee  May 28th   Report Spam
Hi Wendy. Have a very happy bithday and may all your wishes come true.
Bjantiques  May 28th   Report Spam
Happy Birthday Wendy
Feiyie  Feb 13th   Report Spam
Heya, thanks for the greetings! Have a great day.. :)

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