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About Me: Hello everyone. Well first off I am from Boston, and now reside in Iceland. I served 8 years in the Army and spent 2 of those years in Iraq and Kuwait.
Married, with 5 children. I have been doing online network marketing for just a few years now, and I have learned so much since then. My main focus is the health and wellness industry. Certified as a personal trainer by ISSA, I am also a distributor for Herbalife, Donald Trump Network, Youngliving Essential Oils, and Beachbody.
shaddock67 created new subject - group: Stay Healthy
Exercise your Brain!
Dec 10th
As some know, I belong to various health and wellness companies, part time personal trainer I talk a lot about nutrition, exercising, eating better, etc. But t...
Nov 29th
shaddock67 posted comment to topic
something about Wincer
Nov 29th
shaddock67 created new subject - group: Stay Healthy
Qucik Tip
Nov 28th
When I hear people say, " I have to go on a diet!" I cringe a little. Dieting, in my eyes does nothing for you. It's all on how you eat. By gradually changing y...
Nov 28th
shaddock67 created Article - Category: Life in General
Nov 22nd
Recently, I lost a very close friend who I have known since I was 6 yrs old. She was gunned down in our old neighborhood...
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Nov 22nd
Nov 22nd
Nov 22nd
Hello Apsense Community, Im back! Lets start a good conversation. What is your take on t...
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May 15th

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Merry Christmas to you and your family!
shaddock67  Nov 22nd   Report Spam
This past summer if I missed to say thanks for the well wishes for my birthday this past july I want to say Thank you to all! I was in Boston for 3 wks and it was a BUSY time!!!
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Happy birthday Chris!
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Happy Birthday Chris
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Happy Birthday, Christopher!
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I know you will enjoy your special day!
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Happy Birthday Chris
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Hello Friend I wish you all the best.
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Happy week end friend!!!
shaddock67  Jan 20th   Report Spam
HEYYYY! Now YOUR saying I am just smiling now? lol Have you not seen some of the photos I have put in here.......there are some where I am smiling. I do smile in photos! lol hehehehehe

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