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About Me: I have been in MLM for many years tried about everything there is to try now my interest are to help people so that they do not become entraped in the many scams that are going on now in this world. I see the future as very glim but by those who care will change this by helping others.
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Hello , Thank you for adding me as a friend. I will be looking forward to help and share in some ideas together

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Happy Birthday
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Thanks for greeting.
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thanks for your comment on my car pic. I will be posting a bunch over the next few days or so. It was AWFUL to hear about the fate of your car.
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Thanks for the greeting. I am looking forward to reading about more of your insights.
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Hi,have a nice day
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THANKS for adding me as a friend. I am here mainly to socialize. I am a FORMER SFI person so I am NOT interested in that
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