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About Me: Susan Coils - Mastermind and co-author of "The Insider Report" , the myth busting, behind the scenes, down and dirty home truths revealing the true "Secret of Magnetic Sponsoring".

Despite being a relative 'newbie' to the world of working online, I have managed to discover the secret of making money in the world of Internet Marketing. Hint: it's not your product or your business
Feb 21st
You might think it's a nutty question, but watch the video first. Then put it in yo...
Feb 10th
Feb 9th
For any of you who run a Wordpress blog, you'll be only too familiar with the huge number of plugins available to make it work better, run smoother...
Feb 7th
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Feb 7th
Feb 3rd
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My Pride and Joy!
Feb 3rd
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Feb 3rd
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Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday to you!
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Happy birthday San
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Hi Susan, thanks for the birthday wishes. You have a great weekend! :)
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May this next year of your life be filled with love and laughter, and may your hearts desires be realized. Have an AWESOME day, "don't hold back the ponies". Best Wishes.....
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I hope you have a great day on your bday!
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Happy birthday San
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Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!! :D
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Congratulations 2 months in a row as a Top Ten member!
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Susan I wish you happy new year!!!

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