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  • Chuck Bartok - Why have I stayed away so long?
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About Me: 50 year veteran of the Marketing Arena. On-line for 4 years and enjoying sharing knowledge on the Creation, Implementationand Growth of Self-Directed Businesses.
Oct 17th
Chuck Bartok posted comment to topic
How to write a good Ad
Oct 17th
Oct 17th
Oct 17th
Oct 17th
Oct 17th
Oct 17th
Oct 17th
Oct 17th
Oct 17th

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BigRocky99  May 14th   Report Spam
HAPPY Birthday!! ENJOY YOUR day!!
Lisa G.  May 14th   Report Spam
Hi Chuck! Happy Birthday to you!
peaceful  May 14th   Report Spam
Happy Birthday, Chuck! :)
CareerRecruiter  Oct 27th   Report Spam
Hey Chuck,

Welcome to APSense. This is a neat network. I think you'll like it.


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