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About Me: My name is Garnet Nagy known to some as the bushman. I've lived most my life in the beautiful Parkland region of Saskatchewan here in Canada. As you may have guessed I Love everything outdoors which would, obviously, include fishing! :)
Am married to my beautiful wife and together we are blessed with two children.
Been through the whole 'marketing ringer', bunch of bs for the most part(not to shatter anyones dreams or anything), completely focused these days on getting what I want out of life
glnagy created Photo Album - Category: Life in General
 Time Outgrows Ya
Jul 10th
Agricultural equipment of yesterday, it has been more than a few years since this swather has been put to use ...
Sep 28th
Sep 7th
glnagy updated status
on/offline, in/out of my mind!
Aug 4th
glnagy updated status
I will be mia for about a week
Jul 28th
glnagy updated status
on and offline next couple days
Jul 26th
glnagy updated status
Jul 26th
glnagy updated status
Jul 25th
glnagy updated status
mia for a few days...
Jul 20th
Jul 19th
priceless. Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes...

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Shouldn't you add mostly in front the 'out'?
pplcheryl63  Jul 16th   Report Spam
It's Alive!!!!!! Welcome back. We've missed you around here
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Wow! Troglodyte sighting on APSense! Film at 11! LOL
drknlvly6781  Sep 3rd   Report Spam
Thanks for the add. Yeah, those are rare anywhere you go lol. But I am one of the few that do want to know who I am befriending.
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Hi...Thanks for adding me! Looking forward to network with you. Hugs.
Marg12  Feb 7th   Report Spam
Thanks Garnet for joining the pet group and for the encouragement. See you are the one that got me started on this journey. Telling me to do something that I loved. Thanks a bunch.
JJ  Jan 9th   Report Spam
Well... it's only been a day so far, but yeah I'm sure I'll be around for quite some time. Thanks for adding me!
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Congratulations on being a Top Ten member Icicle!
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Congratulations on being one of the first to get the Top Ten Contributer Award
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Haaa...Haaa! I'm not telling...LOL!

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