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About Me: I am an older person just trying to make a few dimes here on the internet. I have 15 children, all of which are animals. There are 10 cats, all rescued, 2 dogs, 3 goats, and 2 miniature donkeys. I used to be in the horse business, boarding horses, teaching lessons, and having horse shows twice a year. Can't do that anymore, cause I can't physically do the work. Had a round of breast cancer, but am very positive that the cancer is not coming back. So I have had a very full life with the animals.
Sep 6th
Puppy’s teeth until they are about six months old, and this does cause some discomfort and ch...
Sep 6th
Feb 15th
Groom Your Dog Grooming your long haired dog on a regular basis, is essential to ensure that its coat remains matt free. I have a border collie that has long v...
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My Pride and Joy!
Feb 8th
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My Latest Work
Feb 8th
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Feb 7th
Feb 7th
I just had to talk about my wonderful website and that it is thanks to Bjantiques and Wendy who made it all happen. And...
Feb 7th
I have over 15 pets which is way too many but I just keep rescueing cats and other things, so they all just multiply.  I have been...
Feb 7th
Feb 7th

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Happy Birthday Marg
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HAPPY Birthday!! Enjoy YOUR day!!
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Hope you have a good day on your bday
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Happy Birthday Marge
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Hoo Boy! Usually when someone accuses me of being responsible, it's not a good thing! LOL! Hope you have an awesome journey! :)
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I am seeking a reliable horse thief. Must have refs and no record of being caught.

Darrel (MyMagic)
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Thank you for adding me to your friends list and joining my group. I am meeting some great friends here and I am sure you will do the same. I invite you to stop by FLASH and post to "Who are you?"
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Hi Marg12, I see you're an avid animal lover, right on! Just going around trying to get to know my friends a little and letting them know they're all invited to my group...hope to see you there.

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