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About Me: My name is Bill Brown.
I lived in Belgium from Jan 1981 till Feb 2010. Now in UK
I speak English and Flemish (Belgian Dutch) as 2nd language.

I provide Hosting ( )
Backup Services ( )
and promotion tools to website owners

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Well its now December 22nd 2010. So what has happened since I got home on the 25th of August? Well in the first ...
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Gopakumar R  May 4th   Report Spam
Happy Birthday to you, Bj. May this day be the most memorable day in your life with a lot of cheers, blessings and joyous moments!
Gopakumar R  Dec 23rd   Report Spam
Merry Christmas!
baljib  Dec 23rd   Report Spam
Thanks for what i have been seeing you given a contribution on.
Vishwajeet Kumar  Nov 26th   Report Spam
Hi, Bill , Its My Pleasure To meet you! You are so informative about how to avoid scams & scraps!
the_lensmaster  Sep 12th   Report Spam
Thank you!
Mirzsi  Sep 6th   Report Spam
Thank you for this invitation to the community.
the_lensmaster  Aug 30th   Report Spam
Hope everything is well in your plan with your health?
Regards to you!
Brightwealth4u  Aug 28th   Report Spam
Hi BJ, praying that all is well with you. Blessings and prayers coming your way. Love, Peggy B
Bhaswati  Jul 26th   Report Spam
amazing personality...I respect you...
Wincer Song  Jun 29th   Report Spam
thanks, bj

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