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To clarify for everyone here is a clear description of what will be classed as spam here in APSense 2.0.

1. The posting of identical posts (even with a different title) in either the same section and / or multiple sections. if you want to post about the same thing  then write a different article for it with a different title. This applies even if it is not an ad. Remember duplicate content  on one site is detremental with search engines.

2. The sending of Ads to Members on your contact list without getting explicit consent before doing so or posting of an ad as a comment in reply to a post.

3. Making a post that  simply contains a link  with no explanation  about it

4. No ads are allowed in the "Topics" section of the site, it is for none commercial posts. Ads will be deleted. Posters of Ads  in the "Topics" section can expect their posting privledges to be suspended for 7 days for first offence, 30 days for  2nd offence There will be no third warning. Repeat offenders that have had two suspentions are liable to lose their accounts.

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