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There are some big changes to your groups, some of you may have noticed and some of you may not have noticied.  There is a small price to pay for the changes but it is worth it. Your groups are now like your own little network and as admins you have more control.

Change number one is the addition of HTML in your groups.  You can now use the html editor to make your subjects what you really want them to be! Embed links, use highlighting, bolding and italics to stress your major points.

Change number two is the addition of categories.  Your posts can now be sorted according to different categories you choose. This can make different posts easier to find and refer back to.  Simply click the add category icon at the top of the page to add your categories.  This will create a category box with your different categories listed.

As group admin you now have full control however do not allow your groups to turn into spam farms.  We will be tracking spam reports:

5 confirmed reports will get you a warning from the system admins to remove the spam and control your group.
8 confirmed reports will get you a final warning
10 confirmed reports and your group will be shut down

Spam farms are any group designed for the purpose of allowing members to po...

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