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You have no doubt heard that all you have to do is be persistent. "Just stay in it to win it. Just stay in the game and you'll win. Success is inevitable to those who persist. Winners never quit and quitters never win." There are tons of quotes like these that inspire us to continue in tough times.

Have you ever thought that though you stumble in your prospecting and your presentation that you could actually stumble your way all the way to yes? Well you absolutely can. Let me give you an example. Several months ago I wrote an article and somehow a person not even part of this network got a hold of it and called me to ask me a few questions. You talk about stumbling, I really stumbled with this one. While I was doing my due diligence to find out which network they saw my article in, I totally turned the person off because of my seemingly (at least to them) pointless questions.

The act of stumbling for me in the case of this prospect (who did become a client by the way) was asking too many questions and not listening enough. Finally when I did get the clue that this person really had no idea where they found my article. They just came across it and they were impressed to call me based on the content.

If my first act of stumbling wasnt' enough, wait to you hear this. I lost the person's contact info so I couldn't call back as I promised I would with the answer to their question. I was thankful that this prospect overlooked my fist stumble but...

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