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We have all thought at one point, "what's the use...nobody sees my marketing content or my ads anyway."  Have you ever thought these thoughts or something similar?  If you have this article might be for you.  Those who are serious about sales of any product or service know that sales just don't come by mere luck.  It's about preparation and hard work.  It's about being in front of the right people with our message.  The moment we stop putting our message in front of the people who need and/or want our products and/or services we have just hung ourselves.

Marketing is keeping current and prospective clients aware that we are well able and available to assist them when they are ready.  The moment we ease up on our marketing message, people begin to wonder just how serious we are.  The moment we back off on what we have declared to be of great importance to our clients and prospective clients, they begin to wonder if we are still around.

Marketing is one of the key cornerstones in thriving market and an absolute cornerstone in an declining market.  In a thriving market we have to distinguish ourselves from the mass marketers so we can stay ahead of the game.  In a declining market we have to distinguish ourselves from other seasoned pros who are doing their best get our share of the market.

If you have a marketing message do everything you can to remind yourself to stay on poi...

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