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Some people online look upon anyone who whines about being scammed as a poor prospect, but I have a different outlook to consider. I think anyone who's been scammed at least demonstrates they took action and are far ahead of those that are frozen into paralysis by analysis.

Until you get some experience, it's nearly impossible to avoid being taken, heck it still happens to me every so often and I have eight years doing this stuff with some pretty good success. The truth be known, you'll NEVER make a dime online without taking action, sometimes quickly. Just be aware of the pitfalls and plan your progress to include an escape route. If you do need to bail out, simply chalk it up to tuition and move on the the next one.

Let me add one more thing, that does not condone pure foolhardy behavior. I often wonder just how true these stories about losing thousands of dollars to scams before the light goes on can be. I mean come on, how dense can some people be?

So don't think you're not suited for the work until you try, try again.

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