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When you're thirsty, it's too late to dig a well.

Maybe you've heard that before. If so, you might have smiled and nodded at the wisdom contained in such a short sentence. You may have even remembered it long enough to tell someone else.

But did you do anything with that wisdom besides acknowledge it and maybe pass it on? Did you consider it carefully and adapt it to your own life?

Obviously most of us no longer have to dig our own well for drinking water and very few people who have access to the Internet run the risk of being thirsty due to a lack of water, but ALL of us run the risk of LOSING our income for one reason or another and that's why we're concerned (or at least we should be) with how long it could take to replace a lost income.

In other words, how long it might take to dig a well.

Prepare today; to protect your tomorrow. And together we CAN "Push Past Poverty"

to our exceeding success; Deborah

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