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APSense 2.0 has been assimilated.  The free for all advertising and spam have been eliminated.  Resistance is futile.  We will assimilate you into our network and add your individuality and networking savvy to our own!

Yes the anti-spam Borg have arrived, and they have assimilated APSense 2.0.  As a result all spam has been eliminated.  Advertising is only allowed in the Marketplace.  Any ads or spam placed in the articles area will immediately be sought out and destroyed by the Borg.  From this momnent on life as you knew it on social sites will never be the same.

From this moment on the focus Of APSense 2.0 will be shifted to true marketing and relationship building.  We do know that there will be holdouts and die hards that will not appreciate the change to our better spam free method of online networking.  However as your fellow networker come to appreciate and reap the benefits of solid global business connections and the new friends they will meet world wide you will be left with a choice.  That choice will be to assimilate or fade into non existence.

The new method of networking the Borg have brought to APSense 2.0 is the first step in making this the number one social business network on the internet.  While other sites crumble and collapse under the weight of being nothing more than thinly disguised adboards and traffic exchanges, we will be different. We will survive w...

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