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I hope you get a laugh out of this at least.  I decided to write a message from a friendly networker to the resident advertiser!  Is this sarcastic or what!  But there have been times I have felt like sending messages very similar to this one!

Hello Mr Spamand Scam,

How are you today?  I just thought I'd drop you a line and see how you are doing.  I'm sure you are very busy making the rounds of the various networks you are a part of diligently spreading your thoughtless mindless zombie-like Gooroo Marketing techniques so I'll be brief.

I just noticed that after all the time you have been on my friends list you have decided to honor me with ad.  A nice cut and paste Gooroo conceived ad at that!  Thank you so much for for the effort!  I hope you did not hurt yourself after all it must have taken all of five seconds to do the copy and paste thing and of course you bravely risked breaking a finger nail when you hit the submit button!

By the way did I mention that in all the time you have been around the network, You have been diligent on posting those ads, a real trooper!  You have miraculously managed to avoid every post on the network while still posting your ads.  Your willpower is amazing!  It's hard to believe that nothing has managed to interest you enough to get a comment.  That's what I call steel reserve!

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