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OK, let me clear up the title of this one a little. There are a wide variety of languages that you can write a script in and each language will provide a certain type of output. The main languages that I work with and the reason I use them are listed below. PHP - Webpage generation from 'static' code segments (modules) or from a MySQL data base. PHP will also allow me to populate and \or manipulate the different tables inside a MySQL database. I am using MySQL simply because it is the most widely available on most major hosting packages, PHP will work with almost any database. Java and Javascript - These two are real workers on a website. You can pull data from a completely different webserver, include data in forms, submit the data in the forms to another website and more. Items like countdown clocks and submittable forms can be generated in Javascript and then with one or two lines of code, be added to any number of websites. ASP - This one is for those who host their sites on a Server running Windows OS as opposed to Linux, Unix or Solaris/Sun. The main point of ASP is the ease of use and the ability to quickly create what is called a Mashup. This is where you take bits and pieces (modules) from other code writers and merge it into your code to create a script or product. The module approach is very similar to the PHP approach where you simply call to 'include' the module that you want to add. More on scripts in the coming days.

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