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Social networking is a term that is being thrown around all over the internet.  The reality is that social networking didn't start on the internet.  It has been around for years.  It is what what most of us have done all of our lives.  The big deal is that for the most part we have not thought of our social connecting as social networking. 

*When we go to a party we are socially networking.

*When we go to church we are socially networking.

*When we go shopping we are socaially networking.

*When we visit a friend we are socially newtorking.

*When we go to a class reunion we are socially networking.

*When we go to school we are socially networking.

*When we go to a seminar we are socially networking.

*When we connect with people on the internet we are socially networking.

I think you get picture.  To network socially is to be involved with other people no matter where we are.  The key is to social networking is being on purpose while we are networking.  I am not saying to be so overbearing that you turn people off.  What I am saying is to be a good listener,  take good mental notes and prepare to respond.

Believe it or not once we finish being with a person or a group the conversation is not always over.  If you took good mental notes you will have a reason to pick up on a previous conversation with a person or group.  This is what ...

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