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Stealing a child's identity can be more lucrative than stealing an adults. Most adults think about identity theft in some form however children don't. Often the adults and parents don't think of children becoming identity theft victims either.

One possible reason adults don't think children are at risk is because adults are still linking identity theft to finances. Since children don't have credit cards and normally they don't have checking accounts either if they are young, we don't think they are at risk.

Stealing the identity of a child is safer than stealing yours or mine because there is a significant chance we will spot something wrong, a thief can milk a child's identity for years. Neither the child not the parents know anything is wrong until the day you take your 16 year old down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get their driver's license and find out Junior already has a license!

Or you and junior go apply for that student loan for college and find out that Junior has a credit rating ranked in the Sub-basement.

It is just as important to monitor your child's identity as it is to monitor your own, children of every age have have their identities stolen, even infants!

Keep up with little red flags that may point to identity theft: Is your 5 year old gettin...

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