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No matter how things get, it is so important to stick to your schedule. In fact if you don't have a schedule you're subject to get off track and stay off track for a long time and not notice that you re drifting from your intended assignment. For years I had intentions of doing things during the course of a day but I would find myself floating all over the map. It's not that I wasn't busy. I was just busy doing things that weren't IPA (Income Producding Activity).

IPA is any a activity that has the potential to lead you to a transaction. For example, making phone calls to prospective clients is IMA if the phone call has the potential to lead to an appointment for a meeting. A meeting is IPA if it has the potential of leading to a listing or attaining a prospective buyer. There are a host of IMA's that we should do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Here's what my ideal daily and weekly IPA is: I say ideal because I haven't perfected it yet. It's the human part of me that keeps blowing it. lol...

Blogging - I blog at least three times a week in various social networks. When time permits I blog more. Blogging is my way of staying connected with people I know and a great opportunity to meet new people. (90 minutes weekly)

Phone Calls - I make at least 3 phone calls a day to give away free business directory listings and free business risk assessment to...

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