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BJ's article about member profiles really got me thinking about all the boneheaded things going on on 1.0.  We are starting over here on 2.0 and can do things the right way this time.  A few of the things I've noticed on 1.0 that we absolutely should not do here:

1. BJ nailed it with the article on member profiles.  Take the time to completely fill out your profile and fill it out correctly.  Don't just type in some garbage to get a field filled type in the relevant response.

2. Participate 1.0 is so full of stealth/MIA profiles it's ridiculous.  You know the ones that joined seven months ago and then dropped of the face of the Earth  The more you participate the more known you become.  Read and comment on articles, visit profiles, communicate with those you have added as friends.

3. Please deposit your spam elsewhere. No one likes spam.  Don't use this site as a big spam collector.  The marketplace is there for you to use to promote your items services and opportunities so put those ads where they belong!

4. Be ethical.  Don't hijack someone's article to promote your business.  There is nothing that annoys me more than having a competitor use a blog I've written to deposit a link to his site.  It is unethical, underhanded and borderline criminal and I don't care what the GURU's tell you about "marketing method" it is wrong!

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