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Across the world, the Holiday season is upon us. Travel lines and wait times are unusually long.

Whether one travels by rail, air, sea, or land, for vacation travel or frequent travelers, especially for business, you perhaps have more to lose than the ordinary individual if your identity is ever stolen.

Travelers are prime targets for identity thieves. Think of the people who you come in contact with, ticket agents, store clerks, travel agents, hotel staff, wait staff, and the list goes on. If you are a traveler, these are a few questions to ask yourself.

1. Has your credit card been out of your sight?

2. Where did the person take your card? Ask if they can bring the reader to you or if you can accompany them to the reader.

3. Did they swipe your card to an unauthorized reader or to a camera phone to transmit for unauthorized use? Try to use cash.

4. Is your home address and other personal information on you luggage tag? Not only can your identity been stolen this way but many organized crime groups have hired workers to handle luggage. What a better time to break in a home when everyone is on vacation.

5. Do you destroy your room key? Shed them as you would any expired credit card.

In the United States, Homeland Security has a Watch List. If a name appears on the list, that person may be detained, delay, or denied entry or exit from the U.S. Additional security screenings or delay in boarding.


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