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Are you desperate to sign up someone no matter who they are, no matter how long they'll stay in your business, no matter if you connect with them or not, no matter if they are motivated or not?

Most people hate to sell and hate to be sold. Ask yourself when you talk to a prospect if what you are doing is duplicatable. Because if you talk to that person as he/she is a number without really understanding who they are and what they really want, your business will never grow deep.
Your attrition rate will go up and you'll have to replace people over and over again. You are just selling them, you are not building relationships.
There is no emotion involved, no connection, and your team will be looking left and right for the next ''best thing''. When we build a business, our team and us should be friends for life...
People recruit people that don't even want to be in this business, they don't understand it, they are not motivated, they join under pressure and next month they are nowhere to be found...

My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy had this to say from his 30 years experience in Network Marketing:

  ''Are you so desperate you’ll recruit anybody who can fog a mirror?
First, your prospects can smell desperation. You can’t hide it from them, and the good ones will avoid you like the plague.

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