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I have always felt that I was wading upstream at Apsense. This includes the pre 2.0 but is now including the post 2.0. The reason I feel constrained is that this site is very old school from what I see. That is not a permanent critcism, because I am sure you are just getting your feet wet.

I am a member of another site that allows you to get featured by simply putting a widget linking back to your personal page onto your website. Here you are always having to earn something, either points, or contacts or such issue. In that sense, Apsense reminds me of Yuwie. In Yuwie you are always earning your page view pittance, and if it drives you crazy then so what? They make money anyway.

However I have noticed that my downline of almost 200 has left Yuwie for greener pastures. I guess they want to keep their sanity. You cannot buy friendship and that is what people are finding out from Yuwie.

So anyway, fix the widget, get us featured if we put the widget on our websites, and we will join in droves. Of course that is exactly what is happening at the other site I am involved with. It is quite exciting.

If you make a mistake, you are given guidence more than just by having your pages deleted. It feels like big brother is here watching. THAT IS NOT A WAY TO BUILD a networking site. JMO.

I have a rant.  The administrator who also wants to be everyone's friend and sells hosting accused me of coming...

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