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This past weekend I got a chance to listen to and speak with Michael McCoy, co director of the Identity Theft Prevention Institute.  Mr McCoy is a serious student of Identity Theft and understands the trends this crime is taking. A couple of key points made by Mr McCoy coincide with a lot of what I think about the crime as an interested observer.

First, people still think of identity theft as someone else's problem.  There is a false sense of security about identity theft right now.  People still think it is a "victimless" crime and that they cannot really lose anything to identity theft.  Because most banks and credit companies will basically remove a fraudulent debt if you take advantage of Federal law designed to protect them from fraud, they think that they cannot be harmed.  People still do not know or understand that your identity is made up of five separate and distinct areas, your finances are only one of the five.  There's also your Social security, driver's license, medical and character identities.

Don't worry about security breaches, the odds are that your information has already fallen into the wrong hands since it's more than likely already been sold multiple times by creditors and other consumer agencies.  The majority of victims don't even know that they are victims yet.  In 2-3 years we will see two things happen.  People will begin to realize that they are indeed victims and the cottage industry of "Identity Theft" prot...

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