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Okay lets talk about what to do with this tiger.  2.0 is a networking site, you should be here to network. That means building relationships.  The best way to do that is by getting involved.  Browse the groups and see if anything strikes your fancy, if it does join in the group.  Remember when you join a group, it takes time to get to know people.  Get involved in the discussions. Or maybe you don't see a group that appeals to you.  Create your own.  Remember groups don't have to be just about the internet, marketing, networking etc.  They can be about anything.  Well almost anything we don't want groups dedicated to porn or illegal activities.  But how about hobbies, education of specific subjects or just a social group?  The ideas for groups are limited only by your imagination!

Another way to get involved is to add quality content.  Note the keyword here is quality.  If I may be blunt to the point of rudeness, posting about your business opportunity first thing?  I really couldn't care less about your opportunity since I don't know you.  However post something about you and I will read it.  Tell me who you are, share something that gives me an idea of who you are, which is not  Do you have hobbies? Have you ever done anything exciting in your life? What experiences have you gone through in your years on God's green earth?&nb...

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