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Have you ever just given up in the middle of the process of trying to promote what seems like an incredible money making product simply because you found someone's affiliate sign up process just too all fire complicated and time consuming? Are you guilty of the same sin in your affiliate program, and could you make it easier for others to promote your products? Would you like to make it easier on yourself to give affiliates the tools to make sales? Do you have something you'd like to promote now but just haven't found the time to get it up and out there because of all the i's you have to dot and all the t's you'd have to cross to get it to the affiliates so that they can make it a successful campaign? If you answered yes to any of these four questions, boy oh boy, do I have a solution for you! Easy to make for you! (Click to upload from your Admin panel) Easy to use for them! (cut & paste; two steps to start selling) Here is what Turbo Promo-Page Creator does. Turbo Promo-Page Creator allows you as Admin to log on and create a promotional project by creating a simple template for your promo material. Through the Admin panel you insert 2 tags in your template to position the BANNERS and the TEXT you want to display to affiliates. You then upload the banners and the text files. Finished! You now have a page any affiliate would love to go to, to get the banners, e-covers, cd graphics, text, articles, e-zines, one time offers, e-mailers by simpl...

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