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Well, I had hoped to post a video here that I created on this quick and easy (and when I say 'easy' I mean EASY) little tactic. However, it seems I don't have the "current honours" to pass on video's! And I'm guessing that's because I don't get in as often as I should so maybe I don't have enough points or whatever it is that I need. Anyway, sorry for that, but it means that the best I can do is point you in the direction of my blog where you can watch the video and then head off and put the power of RSS to work. Note that the video concentrates on getting backlinks to your articles, which is great because your articles lead to your site. (you do have your articles leading to your site right?) Getting backlinks to your articles gives them more authority, which in turn gives more authority to your site. Easy isn't it? This is one of the best, easiest and quickest tips I've ever learned. I managed to do it in minutes and usually 'easy' for me means I can do it in days. If it's labelled 'strictly for total idiots', then I'm guessing a couple of hours is all I need. But not this little beauty. I promise you. Minutes from now you will have 100's of backlinks to your articles. To Your Success Susan Coils

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