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It never ceases to amaze me how many people sign up on a business networking site and automatically confuse their business with themselves.  I would call it a newbie mistake but so called "seasoned" marketers do the same thing.  Every business networking site I have ever joined gives you a profile page.  Do you know what that profile page is for?  It's to capture the interest of other network members so they will make contact with you!

All to often the internet marketer uses their profile page as an ad page.  That's not what it is for, it's your introduction!  We get introduced to new people all the time by our friends.  When they introduce you, do they give a long involved ad about your business or do they tell the person they are introducing things about you?  Odds are whatever they tell the new person they will not concentrate on your business, They will say something specifically about you, and that is what your profile page should say.

So let me ask, if I were to click on your profile right now, what would it tell me?  Something specific about you such as your hobbies, your likes, are you a parent?  Or will I find a commercial pushing everything I don't want to know about your business?

Let me put it this way, I don't want a "business" on my friends list, you can't be friends with a business.  I want people on my friends list.  Peop...

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