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This should be old news to everyone but many business owners still haven't "got it".  Branding can be a powerful tool to use in separating yourself from the "herd".  When the cows all look the same you need a way to identify them and so you brand the cow.

Don't let anyone fool you, if you could ask a cow they would tell you branding is a painful process.  After all it takes a red hot iron burning the flesh to produce a brand.  For the average business owner it can be just as painful, and even more so if you are in an affiliate marketing program but it can be done.

That cow suffers pain now but on a stormy night when that cow is out wandering, The owner or someone else seeing the brand can help that cow get safely to the shelter of the barn.  The cow can be led to the place where it will find warmth, shelter, food and safety simply because of a mark on it's hide.

As a business owner branding yourself makes you easily identified.  You stand out from all of the other businesses and even from your fellow affiliates.  That what you want.  You want people to think of you for whatever their need is that you can fill.  You don't want to think of the affiliate marketing company, but of you the individual.  That translates into shelter and safety for your business!  

I have undertaken a concentrated effort to brand myself.  Everything from an e-mail address designed to reflect my business down to making use of my ...

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