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I had a passionate conversation with my cousin over this idea of "Internet Marketing". He asked as many questions as I can answer accordingly.

One significant question he asked is about how to compete with 'so many people and websites' in this business. This is the first time I'm ever asked such a question since I started out, so I did my best to answer...and my answer must have so impressed his father who overheard it that he said, "Yes yes, this is also exactly what I told my staff too."

This uncle is in the construction business and he does not know much about the Internet as I do, but the point is if he agrees with what I said, then the answer must contain principles applicable in real life.

I do admit that over the years I learned, inculcated and mastered as best as I can what I know to be universal principles whether they can be applied online or off.

I told my cousin you don't have to 'compete' though everything is done in 'healthy competition'. He has 3 courses of action to participate online, or in any other environments which he so chooses:

1) Be Yourself. I personally think that one of the hardest skill in self-development is 'knowing thyself' and shaping your personal identity throughout the years of business evolution. This calls for immense foresight and smart work at sustainability. A great example is Microsoft. This corporation always outdoes its own products and ...

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