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Just as we teach children how to call for help using 9-1-1, we should share information with them about health issues. After all our grandchildren are many times in our company and well know our habits. Sharing these four letters, F A S T may save your life or at least bring help quickly. F = Face- One side of the face droops or looks uneven. When asked to smile the person is unable to do so. A= Arm- Does one arm drift down? When asked to raise arms one arm will not lift. S= Speech- Does their speech sound strange? Ask them to repeat a phrase T= Time-Call 9-1-1 immediately at any sign of a stroke. Use ambulance for quick transport Another way to remember stroke symptoms is to remember this key word:-Sudden- Sudden weakness, Sudden confusion, sudden trouble speaking or understanding, suden seeing difficulty in one eye, walking or sudden loss of balance and severe headache. Do not assume these symptoms to be seen only in the elderly. I know an 18 month old baby and a 32 year old woman who experienced these symptoms. This information is available from your local health department. Visit my blog for other articles of interest to Seniors On The Net Panda picked this subject because many grandparents are raising grandchildren. As we are a healthy generation we travel with our grandchildren and spend much time with them.

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