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Did you click on this link thinking I was going to tell you how to make lots of free money for nothing?  Sorry to disappoint you.  This is another form of scam.  Yes scam. 99% of the time these "Free" programs are going to hit you for money later or put you in jail!

How many of you have heard the term "Money Laundering"?  It's a Federal Crime and can put you behind bars.  Money laundering is a method of getting money gained through illegal actions into general circulation.  Because the money is "Dirty" it cannot be spent easily due to tax reporting or other reasons.

There are almost as many ways to launder money as there is to make it.  Illegal wire transfers, casino scams, just slowly introducing it one or two small bills at a time.  But what if you need to get a large sum of money into circulation fast?  Run it through several different banks at several different points and have several different people spending it.

Many people sign up for free programs offering them money but they don't use their brain and think.  If you got in free, you aren't buying anything you are just there; where is the money coming from?  Mortgage and loan companies aside, money does not just appear out of thin air.  So you need to think about that little detail.  Are you being paid in money coming from an illegal activity?  If it is and you get involved in this opportunity,...

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