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It's time to keep our chins up and our hearts lifted.  Our approach to life in these tough times says a lot about who we really are.  No matter how tough things get a man or woman's true character shines through even when they are squeezed tighter and tighter.

It has been said that "tough times help to shape our character." I believe our character might be shaped a little during tough times but the reality is that "our character is shaped primarily by the little things that seem inconsequential."  Seemingly inconsequential things can be irritants.  But the man or woman who pays attention to them is shaping their character day by day.

Our approach to life is learned by a series of life events that add up to where we are today.  Not one of us just woke up with a great attitude.  Not one of us just woke up with a stellar character.  Not one of us woke up with wisdom.  It all happened as a result of paying attention to detail along the way of life. Our approach to life has been a matter of taking the events of life one moment at a time, one day at a time.

Keep approaching life like the champion you are.

Ced Reynolds

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