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YOUR PROFILE is the most important form that you will EVER fill out, fill in or edit on the Internet!


 I mean that if you have an inkling of the traffic and missed FRIENDSHIPS that could have been all yours, if only you would venture to take those 3 to five minutes, and FILL THE DAMN THING OUT, eh?

 You certainly need not be a Pulitzer Prize writer or a Philologist to share a few words about you and your business with your Apsense Family, now do you?

 Yet, I'm getting my fill of laffs at the number of folks who are choosing to remain The Riddler and continue be so until they are considered a Joker... And certainly if you want to have the considerably talented and respectable folks here at Apsense 1.0 and 2.0 giving you serious Love and Attention, you might want to fix that!

 Please look at that ABOUT ME BOX with the idea that you can express yourself in 500 Characters Or Less, about the size of the average (long) Text Ad... By The Way- You get CREDIT for one of those when you complete your PROFILE, too!  Read more: peaceful - ABOUT ME! It's Really All About YOU! How Can We Tell How SUPER You Are If You Don't TELL US?

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