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The US is already sue happy.  I just wonder if there will be more lawsuits since the economy is putting the pinch on people in every imaginable situation.  As money is getting tighter will people be forced to utilize legal recourse to keep what they believe if rightfully theirs?

If there are more lawsuits will the people getting sued include Realtors and mortgage brokers?  This could be a big deal since there are so many frivolous law suits.  You may be a Realtor or mortgage broker who has been upright and forthcoming in your dealings.  You may be a Realtor or mortgage broker who has covered all the things that would prevent an E&O claim.  But what would you do if a former client who is in a quandry with their mortgage and is in a home whos value has declined dramatically all of a sudden decided to sue you for what ever reason?

One of the things to think about is even the defendants who win law suits lose because of the enormous amount of money that is put out to protect their interest.  In the climate of our economy it wouldn't surprise me that there are people in such weird states of mind that they won't settle on going down by themselves.

On a closing note, we need to remember that we don't have to do anything wrong to be sued. But if we want to keep what we've worked hard for we have to defend ourselves even against frivolous law suits.  Peop...

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