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As I browsed the site this morning I noticed that some inappropriate messages have been left on the profiles of a few of our ladies.  This site is provided for the enjoyment of all of our members, our ladies should not have to deal with this type of inappropriate behavior coming from other members.  The type of comments that were left on the profiles were sexually harassing in nature and more suited to an online "dating" site.

Ladies please check when someone leaves word for you and if the comment is inappropriate, immediately report it to one of the site admins or make a spam report.   The member responsible for the comments discovered today has been suspended.  The offending comments were also deleted from the affected profiles.

Harassment of members will not be tolerated.  Members found posting inappropriate comments to anyone on the site will be suspended immediately. 

Updated 1-27-2009

Inappropriate profiles will also be blocked immediately.  APSense is not a dating site, profiles advertising for dating and or sex will immediately be clocked.  Bj and I do try to keep an eye out and catch these things before they slip through but sometimes even we need to take a short break from the computer.  If you notice any suspect profile or comments, again report it immediately to me, BJ or one ...

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