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Extra Tips On Selling Your Art

Other than informing your prospective buyers on the
basics of your artworks, how much you are selling
them, and who are the people who have bought from you,
there are still some other things you can do to make
the probability of the sale hike up even higher. Here
are some of them.

Show Pictures Of Your Pictures

One way to encourage your prospective buyers to buy
your art is by showing them photos of how other art
collectors have made use or displayed the pieces they
have bought from you. Seeing your pieces in working or
living environments can be a great encouraging factor.
If you do not have that many collectors yet, you can
show them pictures of how you, yourself displayed your
art in different kinds of environments.

If your prospect is someone who is not really that
familiar with art, doing this tip can be very helpful
and fruitful. Since they may be having some difficulty
in imagining how or where they would display the
piece, if ever they bought it from you. It can also be
the case that they can’t really picture how the piece
would look like in their office or home.

Be Service Oriented

If you really want to make a sale, then your attitude
should show that you do so. Try to make time for
transactions and me...

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