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I got through my radio interview today and it was great, a lot of fun but I think it was the prep that helped a lot.  It was a good way to get the word out to lots of people at once but there was a lot of work that went into it.  I thought I'd share, maybe it can be of help to someone else in the future.

The first step was actually scheduling the interview.  It was originally supposed to happen on August 16th and challenge after challenge ended up popping up so the first piece of advise, be flexible.  Plan to have it occur on the original date but remember things happen.

After the interview was scheduled I had to decide what direction I wanted this interview to go in.  Did I want it to be educational, a sales infomercial   Once you decide which way you want to go.  Start your research.  I hunted down several sources of information and examples I wanted to use.  I put together a rough guideline of what I wanted to say and the order I wanted to say it in.  Then I put together a list of questions for the host.

That list of questions was of the utmost importance.  The worst thing that could have happened was to have the host ask me an unexpected question or turn the interview around in another direction.  Since she is a friend and business partner that was not a worry for me but it still gave me some control over where things went during the interview.

I also spent yesterday going over the questions and my r...

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