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Yesterday I posted a bit about the "Ferengi Rules of Acquistion".  These were the powerful positive rules that anyone in business needs to know.  Like everything else the rules have their downside.  The side that speaks directly to the scammer.  So Let me outline some of these rules to help you get into the head of a scammer.  After all scammers and identity thieves aren't so different.  They look to make a profit by taking advantage of you.

So here's a few of the more popular Rules for scammers:

1. Once you have their money, you never give it back. Have you noticed when a scammer gets you, you have lost.  You cannot find them again or they have every excuse in the world to explain why they cannot honor a money back guarantee.

10. Greed is eternal. It is after all one of the seven deadly sins and we know how long they have been around.

21. Never place friendship above profit. A scammer will sucker his own mother if he can get away with it.  Not to mention those scammers who will cultivate a friendship with you just to get close enough to run his scam.

239. Never be afraid to mislabel a product. How many times have you seen an e-book advertised as the latest and greatest marketing system, only to find out that it contains information you can get for free?

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