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I read the online edition of the local Florida paper from the area I lived in and todays edition of opinions tended to give me a bit of hope that people are learning, but along comes someone and shoots that theory done.

The big debate is over christmas shopping.  Several people have indicated the offerings under the Christmas tree will be light this year.  They are citing things like no money, Other bills due and just an awareness that they are living on the edge of a financial meltdown.  Keeping what little money they have in their pockets sounds like prudent thinking to me.

Then along come the idiots encouraging them to spend, spend, spend to stimulate the economy.  They even go so far as accusing these folks of complaining.  I was flabberrgasted that anyone would encourage the wasteful and foolish throwing away of money as a method of stimulating the economy.  Obviously those encouraging the wanton spending do not understand the power of the combined dollar, nor do they really realize exactly who will be affected the lower number of dollars spent.

The only ones who will be hurt by this is the mega giant retail chains.  And you know what, that does tend to get their attention.  Just imagine how quickly WalMart would lead the fight to better our economy if the stores were empty on Friday.  Continued spending is not the answer, it just maintains the statu...

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