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Did you ever play the game truth or dare when you were a kid? It’s funny how when you were posed with a hard truth question you wanted to automatically go to a dare instead. Funny how the truth can be harder than some life dangering dare.

Are you still playing truth or dare when it comes to your business? I have consulted with many individuals who have gotten quite upset when the truth is revealed to them. This often happens when an individual is so in love with a company or product that they can’t understand why they are not making any money, or worse yet, they are like the old woman in the casino, puffing a cigarette, while having an oxygen tube around her face, pulling on the slot machine thinking that the next pull is going to make her a millionaire. All-the-while she is just killing herself quickly physically, emotionally, and financially.

So why are so many planning for failure? It’s because EMOTION is the driving mechanism and when EMOTION is in the driver seat, safety and well-being are out the window. Now EMOTION is natural to all of us and it’s not a bad thing. One just needs to regroup and recheck after their bliss of EMOTION has run it’s course. Just a word of caution, EMOTION will get you in debt and give you more heart ache and head ache in the ...

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