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I am not sure how many of you have ever been involved in network marketing. But I have been in several different groups. It always seems to be the same every time. The talk always sounds good. "We are going to help you every step of the way". "We will place people under you so your group will be bigger and look stronger so more people will join your group". "We are going to help you get a check in your hands". A check is all good but where is the teaching? They tell you to call all of your friends and family. You have to get them to your house and then the big Guru up line guy comes in and wants you to edify him as the leader

Then when you run out of friends and family you are told to buy leads. "You don’t need to buy expensive leads or prequalified leads". "Just get local leads and start making calls". Then you start calling and setting appointments. So you have 5 appointment set for the day and you call your up line and say you have 5 appointments set for tomorrow. He then tells you," Well you have to flip chart script go out and make the presentation yourself". This is your first time to make a presentation and you have been in the business 4 days. So by this time you know everything about the company right. So you say Ok and you go. Out of the 5 appointments you made not one of them shows up. So you call your up line and he says," You didn’t do something right out of 5 a...

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