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It is my prediction that there is a volcano brewing on the internet and a whole bunch of the next millionaires in this country will come from network marketing online.

You see, about three or four years ago, I lost track, I started studying Mike Dillard and his magnetic sponsoring. I watched him go from a waiter to a self made millionaire.

I had to ask myself why him and not me. I was working my business hard, so was he. The kicker was, he was working his business a whole lot smarter than I as he saw what was going on with the internet and how marketing was taking on a whole new role in the online community.

The more and more I studied how network marketers were putting systems in place online to market themselves and their products, the more I started to study how it is done.

Let me tell you this. The way I build my business today is a whole lot different than I did a few years ago. I will be one of the next 7 figure (per month) income earners. How will I do it? The same way the Mike Dillards and Rob Corbetts and many of the other online marketers did.

I realized that If I was going to be successful in network marketing online, I was going to have to ...

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