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Hi All,

While surfing today and doing my work research I came across something that really bothers me. Course, that's nothing new but this one just takes the cake.

A little while ago I read Cheryl's post about the pop ups that she recieved when leaving a website. We've all seen 'em.. we all hate them.  Do you really want to leave this site? Yes dummy that's why I clicked the X button.

Wait, Rolanda the agent wants to chat with me? Who the hell is Rolanda anyway? She really needs to get a life.

Okay so today here is what I came across......

The brand new shiny explosive top secret marketing promotional behemoth traffic builder!!!  Okay the thing is called ScreenBlaze. They say its free but you know somewhere there is a paid option. NO I DO NOT get paid for referring people to this crap and no I am not going to give you a link even if you beg me to do so.

If you really must have this program then I'm sure you can find it yourself. Go ahead be a fool.

Here's what the program does. It displays ads on your computer whenever your screensaver kicks in. Wow cool, I can earn credits while afk. Sounds great right?

Well in return you get to display your ads on other people's computers when their screen savers come on and they are afk. What?? They're afk???  Well yes, most people are when their screensaver comes on. duh?????

Knowing this; who the hell do you think ...

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