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Hello Friends!
  Marketing, communication, sales, sponsoring, activity, these buzz words are important to know and teach, when building a book of business. The glue that holds that book together is your thought process, without the mental picture, the pages of your book will scatter when the winds of adversity blow.
 You can learn the rest from experience, but until your thinking is right, success will never find you. The key to open that door to success is to re-learn how to think properly. We knew how to think as children, but life has a way of leading down the path of fear, doubt, uncertainty, and poverty. The way to avoid this rocky road, is to immerse yourself in the sea of knowledge available to through books, audios, videos, and mentorship.
 Mentors exist who give freely their time and knowledge, not just to make a few bucks, but to enlighten people on the mind skills needed, the fundamentals to succeed.  I have recently discovere...

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