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Do not get scammed or talked into an illegal activity by joining a Cash Gifting program.  If you live in the US these programs are illegal period!  Many people will tell you that the tax code allows it.  Simply not true.  The tax code does not speak to the legality of a program but how the income generated is taxed.  If you make money from prostitution or illegal drugs, the IRS wants it's cut.  But that does not make it LEGAL.  Before you join any "gifting program thoroughly investigate it. 

Legal Cash gifting programs are recognized charities.  Cash gifting between friends and family is also legal.  But in no case is there an expected return on the gift.  That is the biggest red flag there is.  If you are gifting money with an expectation of receiving money back, it is not a gift.

Before you get involved read this article and then talk to your state Attorney General's office about just how legal it is.  Do not listen to the person promoting the program as they are looking to profit from you.  Even if they are talking about helping you to succeed, they are talking about helping you to commit an illegal act!  Talk to the authorities who have no hidden agenda. 

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