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Teleconference calls are some of the best and worst ways to train in the industry.  They are one of the most widely used methods to stay in touch with your company, upline and sponsors.  

When you are on your companies Teleconference call do they give you information to get excited about?   In other words, can you use the information they give you to realistically grow your business?  Or are those conference calls ONLY about edifying the leaders that are big money earners in the company?  If you leave the call wondering where the practical information was that you can use to build your business, your company doesn't build leaders.  

If you find yourself week after week on your companies Teleconference calls wanting to fall asleep, get on anti-depression meds, or saying, "Who cares", your company does NOT build leaders.

On the other hand if you get off the Teleconference call (after it went over an hour and you didn't even glance at the clock) saying,"WOW" and burning up your computer to put the information you gained from the call to work, your company builds leaders.  If your upline gets the same information the downline does?  Your company build leaders. If your companies top money earners walk you through their personal success and the exact steps on how they got where they are.  Your company builds leaders on top of leaders, on top of leaders.  This type of company gives ...

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